Pig eight quit network how to build this group of entrepreneurs to create electricity supplier

today is a big event, the service industry Unicorn pig eight quit network launched their electricity supplier Festival August 8th free day".


in fact, the introduction of each electricity supplier Festival, but also a platform for the adult business platform, announced the appeal to the outside world platform, but also show muscle.

"double eleven" was launched in 2009, Tmall was named Taobao mall promotions in singles, the beginning of the heart is to create a Taobao shopping festival. Then unexpectedly hot, the annual consumption data of double eleven "boom has become the focus of attention of the whole people, it also opens the electricity supplier Festival made frenzy.

with ALI after the two major electricity supplier platform, Jingdong and Suning also pushed the "Jingdong unwilling to remain out of the limelight, 6· 18 electricity supplier Festival, Suning launched" 8· 18 "business day, you Changba me play.

in recent years, the rapid expansion of pig eight quit network, but also get together in the electricity supplier Festival, issued its own voice. Pig eight quit network is a 5 million Chinese and foreign employers, more than 10000 service providers, the market share of more than 80% of the hundreds of millions of public service platform for the service of the platform of. The pig eight quit network CEO Zhu Mingyue also claimed that the company set up ten years of business, the first profit. Ten years of energy, once released, zhubajie.com to.

and physical electricity supplier Festival is different, pig eight quit is the service provider section. Pig eight quit online consumer, most of them are small and micro enterprises, can also be said to be on the road entrepreneurs.

and entrepreneurs are legendary devil customers.


is called the devil customer, in their cognitive structure. The entrepreneur is different from the general "chop hand family, they do business, have a deep understanding of the cost, pricing, service, quality and other commercial factors. They chose to serve the chamber of Commerce than three, in every possible way, the money must be used on the blade.

we often say that consumers are god. So, entrepreneurs as consumers, this time really almost omniscient and omnipotent, as "god". Pig eight quit the face of the history of the most stringent consumers – they want to low prices, quality, good service.

back in reason, the emphasis is the industrialization "economies of scale", "consumer" as a group. In this sense, industrialization is a kind of "Disenchantment", with production instead of creation, with standard instead of spirituality, people flooded with material.

now, the Internet, big data is a return to the charm, the heart back. For the products and consumers, in the resurrection.

consumers become like the devil, just back to the era of the charm of the appearance of the era, consumers also have an angel side. Competition in the future, the product competition is the injection of love

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