Entrepreneurs should do net red Thinking ill of entertainment to death

day before the Beijing News "for China hit off the meeting, Zhenge fund founder Xu Xiaoping made a point of view, the net red is the most exciting phenomenon in 2016. Every entrepreneur should be a net red. If you do not have the ability to become a network of red, potential, charm, influence, then do not start. Xu Xiaoping take Papi sauce, for example, we look forward to her enthusiastic every day, this is not only a brand, or an entertainment phenomenon. He pointed out that in the era of Yu Minhong, Chen Ou, the first business, cash flow, and then have a brand. Brand is hard work by entrepreneurs, bit by bit to do. The network red era, we are the first brand, the first occupation of the people, to establish the charm of personality, and then to provide users with the products they need.

this logic is to build their own network red, and then do the product. If you can not build themselves into a network of red, then there is no need to start a business. But in my opinion, this view for entrepreneurs, may be misleading.

we know that the network has long been red. For example, long before the Sister Lotus, fairy sister, chubby, Baoyage, Xifeng network and even Xi Li Ge can count the red net. At that time the red net not today become a concept of strong topic, is that when the period of the red net, by netizens consumption virality, become a cultural phenomenon, due to the social transformation during the users mood of a natural expression, followed by viral transmission, then the network often become public ridicule red and the Deconstruction of the object. There is little capital behind the interests of the parties to promote and which appears to be more pure.

but today’s network is not the same as red, today’s network is the essence of its purpose is to make money, but also behind the red network, there are many capital interests in promoting. For example, take the red net shot broadcast platform, Betta live recently announced in March completed a new round of $100 million (about 670 million yuan) B round of financing. Followed by Wang Sicong’s panda TV. Fashion blogger gogoboi, critics have also described the film Red Net will be the first since the channel settled Youku, behind the team and the industry chain resources in operation. In other words, the network red hot more behind the capital in the promotion.

Why should

capital side to promote the red hot network economy, in fact, this is like O2O, micro business is the same reason hot. In the capital market, always in pursuit of new concept, the so-called red net is more fans economy variants, it is not what new things, to create capital behind behind the red net and its purpose is to make a quick profit.

capital markets have a periodic pattern mining is a new concept, from the Internet thinking, O2O to the micro economy, business economy, P2P model, IP network concept, the same red economy. At present, dig out the "Red Net economy", is due to the mobile Internet market, has entered into a period of rapid growth from the capital, profit driven inertial terms, it needs more investment channels and the project of imagination Kuaijinkuaichu profit. The network economy can be quickly converted to red profits with the capital market rapidly running. "

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