Chongqing small noodles hot project the whole to join

2017 entrepreneurial hot project choice, you choose to join the Chongqing side? Quality of the project, the success of venture worthy of trust. Join Chongqing small projects, no doubt, is a very choice of business opportunities. So, what are you hesitating about?

venture entrepreneurs shop, especially new stores, the first problem to be solved is how to retain customers, this process is often the store and consumers to play psychological games. Today, Chongqing join the list of small Chongqing 50 small mountain city kitchen joined the headquarters to share with you the 6 consumer psychology, so that the new store to retain customers.

a, "base" cover 100 ugly

mass consumption era, many people take the price as the standard of choice. "A base cover 100 ugly" phenomenon is not uncommon, and ugly people wear clothes, then the restaurant will have people to eat to eat, and then withered vegetables have someone to buy the same. Here is not to tell the new store operators to reduce the quality of the price, but a way, in the opening of the new store, may wish to lower the cost of doing some big efforts and promotions to stimulate consumers. Chongqing kitchen Shun small 50 to join the headquarters of a professional and powerful brand promotion team, is committed to the development and utilization of platforms such as the official website, micro-blog, WeChat and other ways to conduct a comprehensive publicity and promotion.

two, good pot with good cover

look at the face of this era, the new store to go up with the decoration. For consumers, the first sight of your store decoration, the following will notice your products or services, if not pleasing to the eye will be eliminated. Mountain city, Chongqing, Chongqing joined the headquarters to send a senior designer on-site measurement of housing, providing the most professional store design renovation program. To unify the brand identity, establish a unified brand image.

three, keep up with the current demand

we all know that the emergency does not save the poor truth. Open a new store to seize the pain points of consumers, in order to promote the purchase. For example, Chongqing kitchen is a small face of the small side of the main Chinese fast food, is to seize the Chongqing small consumer groups wide, young and old.

four, pay attention to practical


utility is able to meet the needs of most people, if you have a new restaurant to see you around for consumers is adaptable, if you open a five star KTV in an old district is obviously not very friendly.

five, blindly believe

most of the consumers are conformity, follow the crowd, vulnerable to the impact of public opinion. New store opening must pay attention to their word of mouth, keep in mind, "bad news thousands of miles"