Leather care franchise stores points

leather market prospects, many consumers pay attention to leather care, good leather care needs, so as to maintain a new state, open leather care stores there is a certain risk, so need to be ready to back the job, this process is necessary, investors need a good understanding, the only way to better the good leather care stores. Open leather care stores need to prepare for what? Leather care store unlimited potential!

A, apply for business licenses, leather care stores before apply for business license, temporary residence permit is necessary, and a copy of ID card and so on.

three, leather care stores to buy some receipts, one is used to understand the operation of the store, a customer for preservation, can take the clothes, and be sure to sign the invoice in the customer, so that customers can also be lost if the receipt, by writing from clothes.

four, also need to prepare some small necessities, more conducive to the management of leather care stores, such as pen, sewing, scissors, knife, professional laundry label (with their own shops had better hang the labels on the name, this is more conducive to the customer memory), dust bag, clothes.

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