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people love to eat dumplings for irrigation, the traditional approach seems to have can’t satisfy people’s consumption demand, with more characteristics of the brand needed. Crown of fresh soup dumplings of Mrs Chen Liang, on the basis of inheriting the traditional process, according to the new concept of the modern green health, delicacy, bold innovation and practical production process, eventually formed a unique flavor and characteristics. y retained the traditional irrigation soup, thin filling large, filling soup has improved the traditional soup dumplings taste greasy, skin elasticity, soft waxy without chewing and other shortcomings, formed a complete set fabrication process, the standardized management become a reality. After the launch, by the praise of consumers, has become a popular brand to join, then the small series will give you a summary of the common problems.

crown fresh steamed stuffed bun to join questions and answers details:

problem: the price of meat is profit so expensive? Do soup?

answer: first of all, our soup shop is not only to make money on the package of meat, we have nearly 20 kinds of products for customers to choose. The price is rising, but in our consen company’s core technology elite efforts, we improved the formula, improved the process, so we stop shop turnover and profits did not have any effect.

: so many fresh soup soup shop crown will have



unified management, unified model can guarantee the health, taste, store image, and can y opened up between the traditional streets and lanes that small shop Steamed Buns grades, different soup shop quality. To give up the kind of non-standard operation of the fear of breakfast, with a strong brand advantage, unique taste, improve the product structure, clean and sanitary environment for consumers to eat a healthy eating at ease!

question: how can the seasoning bags be delivered in accordance with the tastes of local consumers?

answer: the company has specialized logistics, committed to on-time arrival, and responsible for the quality of. The company will adjust the flavor of the formula based on the consumption of each city in order to meet the tastes of local people.

question: how to set the scope of each franchise’s regional protection?

answer: each franchise area protection is based on the population density of the region to set. This is a small area of protection in the city, in the suburbs or remote areas, the range is a little larger. But the company will be divided from the perspective of franchisees to protect the region, in order to ensure that each franchisee has a profit. And there will be specific restrictions on the signing of the contract.

question: how does the company help join >

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