What are the conditions for joining drum noodle

many people want to open a shop of their own, but the need to invest in shops, small capital store investment only rice noodle. Open a noodle shop to meet you want to have a desire to own a small shop, not only a small investment in rice noodle shops and income is also quite rich. Drum rice vermicelli is a well-known brand of rice noodles, but for franchisees, we should be most concerned about is the big drum vermicelli shop business is good, the following Xiaobian to introduce you!

how to join? What are the conditions?

drum vermicelli was started in 2000, a rice noodle brand, the core concept is dominated by fast food restaurant. Friends of the drum to understand the lines should be clear, the main line is settled in a number of high-end shopping mall mall.


take the high-end route, but the price is not particularly expensive rice, most of the work of the party and the students can be consumed. Because the design of drum noodle shops will be quite elegant, from the design style is easy to think of Japanese cuisine to a considerable level and the level of feeling, so the work of Party and student groups are all very love to the consumer. And these two groups of people is the main food and beverage industry consumer groups, it can be seen that the business is of course, very good!

bass line join conditions:


1. applicant is an independent legal personality of the business, or direct business owners have brand awareness, have a long-term vision, have a long-term development potential, with rich management experience, and is willing to accept the management of the headquarters of the drum drum were recognized, noodle business culture and cooperation mode.

2. with entrepreneurial spirit, strong desire for success and dedication, good sense of brand management and service awareness, as well as a certain degree of store management capabilities, to receive continuous training.

3. has a liquidity base, capital acquisition, or has superior property conditions, including its own property and rental properties.

4. to apply for joining the franchisee in the same place, with a wide range of local people with a wide range of resources and management experience is preferred.

5. investors have a certain degree of communication and management skills, with the ability to work together with the team and the headquarters to join the development of the spirit.

would like to open stores is not difficult to wire drum, drum to join noodle shop business is good is not difficult, just follow corporate guidelines and route wire drum drum, believe noodle can give you a successful entrepreneurial opportunity! So you can achieve

years of entrepreneurial dream!< >

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