The five golden age of entrepreneurship

I in part of your career path, with more and more people towards the road of entrepreneurship, some people entrepreneurial success, some people work, some things wrong, also can come to again, but each stage of life can only have a choice. Once you have decided the direction, do not regret it! I divide the business into five stages according to age, the following is my "theory":

(1): the first is twenty-four to twenty-nine years old, I called "the probation period.

During this

(two): Twenty-nine to thirty-four years old, I called "the foundation period.

Confucius stressed that "sanshierli" / >

one to thirty-four, five years old, if not see a little bit of success and the potential to play, even still groping and hesitation, according to experts pointed out that his "future" generally has been fixed.

(three): Thirty-four to thirty-nine years old in the five years, I called the "sprint.". Recommended

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