Xining city to improve the organization of the real thing

March 24th, Xining issued the "Interim Measures" to further improve the work style of the strict discipline of accountability, from the work of discipline cadres organs, strengthen service consciousness, efficiency consciousness and independent consciousness, based on the improvement of work style, establish a good image of agency staff, close party cadres and the principle of "the real thing to enhance the performance of the construction.

"measures" for the city authorities at all levels and institutions of staff during the work late, leave early, off-site, Internet stocks, playing games, watching movies, playing chess, string Kong Chat, access to leisure and entertainment; or treat the service object in a rough way; within the scope of duties shall be rejected by the handling of work do not, without justifiable reasons prevarication or exceeding the prescribed time limit; weekday lunchtime drinking, drinking due to affect the normal work or trouble causing adverse effects; to leave their jobs, absenteeism or going out (private) leave expires without justification overstayed; ask for or accept service object property, accept the service provided by the object dinner, entertainment, tourism activities, or take in the service object should be reimbursed personal expenses; in violation of the provisions of the management of official vehicles, bus Private driving or drunk driving behavior.

accountability main distinction between minor and serious, particularly serious in grade three, for minor criticism and education, shall be ordered to make a written examination, admonishing conversation handle; for serious cases, to give informed criticism, ordered a public apology, out of position, stop check post processing; especially serious plot and take the blame resign or ordered to resign. Discipline, disciplinary action.

"approach" stressed that all localities and departments, various departments and units of discipline inspection and supervision institutions, organizations and personnel departments and organs of the party organization responsible for the implementation of specific documents, the discipline inspection organs at all levels, the organization and personnel departments responsible for the implementation of the "measures" the local situation for supervision, guidance and supervision, inspections are not regularly. In violation of the "measures", causing significant losses or adverse effects, in the direct responsibility for personnel responsibility at the same time, should also be in accordance with the relevant provisions of the clean and honest, the leading cadres of the party and government accountability. (author: Su Jianping Jia Quanjun)

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