Abstract people want more medical personnel to the countryside

"Our grassroots medical institutions now have a new ward, advanced equipment, but the lack of doctors and nurses, especially the lack of general practitioners." Vice president of the provincial people’s Congress, Zeku County Center Hospital Guan Xiu Zhen Mai Ji said. Grassroots medical staff thirst, in the province’s agricultural and pastoral areas of grassroots medical institutions generally exist. 5 years, health care and basic public health services per capita subsidies increased in our province, start the catastrophic health insurance for urban and rural residents, the implementation of the new pattern of "after the first hospitalization settlement, health expenditure of urban and rural residents to pay down from 45% to 27.7%, the accessibility of medical services, improve fairness. "County rural medical institutions although hardware conditions have been greatly improved, but the software construction lagged behind, a series of problems, lack of talent team of village doctors is not stable, service can not keep up, public health and medical services in the future to solve urgently disjointed." Attend the National People’s Congress of the provincial health department director Ma Haili told reporters.

talent shortage is the bottleneck restricting the service ability of primary medical institutions. Health personnel training cycle is long, need to invest a lot of money and energy to develop long-term planning and implementation." Ma Haili told reporters that at present, the province has been fully implemented the county rural health professional and technical personnel three years of training programs to improve the overall quality of primary health team. Three year plan to complete the training of public hospitals in the county health professional and technical backbone 1000, township hospitals and community health service center of health professional and technical backbone of 1500, in the village clinics and community health service station of health professional and technical personnel. The implementation of the county hospital special talent project to encourage outstanding medical personnel rooted in the grassroots, serving the masses. Arrangements for the implementation of 20 million yuan of special talent award project, the county public hospitals and key personnel to give about $50 thousand reward. Increase efforts to help hospitals at the county level to enhance their management and service levels. The implementation of the three hospitals to the county hospital medical assistance team system, the establishment of remote diagnosis and treatment system, so that patients with serious illness can not enjoy the advantages of medical services.

solution talent thirst, first of all to understand what talent desire.

the current public hospital, due to limited staffing, promotion and other conditions, the lag on rural health professionals support policies, some primary health care institutions staffing over the years is not adjusted, recruitment of personnel is still not in the series.

, on the one hand is not a high quality staff cited, on the other hand is to cultivate the talent want to quit." The provincial people’s Congress, Nangqian County People’s hospital nurse Xiao Mei said. Medical university graduates to grass-roots, and existing staff because without formal training, grassroots medical institutions can not provide good learning platform for them to improve the service ability, we can not enhance the trust of the masses is difficult to pick up.

"the reform of grassroots medical and health institutions and personnel distribution system, township health personnel will be part of the work but not for the excellent assessment after into the establishment, in order to improve the working enthusiasm of the grass-roots medical personnel, stability of rural health personnel." ;

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