Fire fighting Festival security work

to ensure the safety of the fire during the Lantern Festival, so that the people of peace and harmony to celebrate the festive season. Recently, the Qinghai provincial fire brigade with the ongoing "clear fire" campaign, and actively take effective measures to pay close attention to fire prevention and preparing for duty work, to create a good environment for fire safety for the masses.

Lantern Festival is approaching, all kinds of festive activities increased, but also the fireworks set off period. To nip in the bud, the provincial fire brigade to co-ordinate the deployment, centralized police force, mainly to sales of fireworks and firecrackers; temples, religious places, commercial promotions, and temple festivals places; key blocks, residential areas, cottage Hutong District, urban fringe, inflammable and explosive places and hotels, cultural relics protection units; hotel and public entertainment fire safety inspection. Focus on checking whether the fireworks sales have fire safety conditions, whether the implementation of fire prevention and control measures, the allocation of fire facilities, the surrounding area is the implementation of ban requirements. Especially for the Kumbum Monastery Lantern Festival butter flower show a large flow of people, the actual fire safety task, Xining fire brigade early intervention, sent the steering group of the golden tile temple, church, temple and other important places of suyouhua detailed view, implementation, on system of fire protection facilities, fire Temple fire electricity inspection management. In addition, during the Lantern Festival, the province will carry out the "zero night action", to ensure the fire safety of the Lantern festival.


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