Xining West District condolences to hundreds of Party members

on the eve of the Spring Festival, Xining City West District Party Committee Organization Department to raise funds 50 thousand and 500 yuan condolences to the area of the old party members of the party, the party members of the life of the difficulties, the 10 laid-off workers and members of the party and the top 6 outstanding Party members of the Communist Party of China (CPC), a member of the Communist Party of China ().

district organization department consists of 3 working groups to take centralized condolences, condolences and home condolences combination, exchange and discussion to solicit opinions and suggestions combined with other ways and grassroots party organizations and Party members to heart, face to face communication, in-depth understanding of the old party members, Party members and the difficulties of life thought production and living conditions. Through the visit condolences, a total of old party members to seek the implementation of the grassroots party organizations, three will be a lesson system, strengthen community party building, Party organizations and other aspects of the relationship between the transfer of advice and suggestions of the three. (author: Song Jiyong Ma Zhanyu yuan Yuhong)

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