Strive to do the work of national unity and progress in Huangzhong

twelve Party Congress pointed out that the people’s livelihood as the first, to serve; unity is treasure, stability is the foundation. To fully mobilize all positive factors, to build advanced areas of national unity and progress, and strive to build a harmonious Qinghai and everyone for all to share, let the people live a happier life with more dignity, more happy."

to create national unity and progress advanced area, is a necessary requirement to promote leapfrog development in Huangzhong, Huangzhong is a long period of stability and reinforce the policy, is the important measure to improve the party’s ruling ability in the minority areas, is an important starting point to promote the scientific development of Huangzhong and the long period of stability. Huangzhong should start from the "five aspects", and strive to do a good job of national unity and progress. We should deepen the work of national unity and progress with the "five sticks".

five aspects

one is to improve the ideological understanding. Through careful study, the thinking and action to the central and provincial Party committee and municipal Party committee’s decision to deploy and requirements. To hang banners, set up panels, promotional materials and other forms of publicity, to carry out a wide range of national unity and progress advocacy activities, so that the concept of national unity and progress more popular.

two is to promote the stability of the work. In order to carry out "separatism and to maintain stability and promote development" as the theme of the content of education activities, cadres and workers of education based on the economic and social development, the activities of national unity and progress in grassroots organizations "and together, to create a good environment for the harmonious and scientific development.

three is the prosperity of national culture. To promote the adoption of tilt to the grassroots level of public cultural resources, strengthen the development and utilization of cultural heritage protection, and guide social capital to invest in various forms of cultural industry, and make the tourism, sports, technology integration and development, the formation of pluralistic culture pattern with "eight petal lotus" as the main body, promote the characteristics of Huangzhong culture going out.

four is the development of national education. To the rational allocation of public education resources, to tilt the focus of investment to poverty-stricken areas and ethnic minority areas, steadily improving education accounts for the proportion of fiscal expenditure, improve school conditions, school safety, complete construction of boarding schools and teachers zhouzhuanfang rural comprehensive project, and comprehensively improve the quality of education.

five is an innovative social management. Improve the Party leadership, government responsibility, social coordination, public participation in the social management pattern, and constantly create a new situation of harmonious order, and the masses, ethnic harmony, religious heshun. To ensure that the system construction, the formation of organizational leadership, publicity and education, target assessment, financial security, supervision and guidance to promote national unity and progress to create a long-term mechanism.

five stick to

always adheres to the basic principles of national equality and national unity. Equality is the first, is the basis of socialist ethnic relations. China’s ethnic groups regardless of size, length of history, the stage of development, are important members of the family of the Chinese nation. The people of all ethnic groups are citizens of the state and are equal before the law. The state has always adhered to the respect and protection of the minority;

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