Sanjiang source of National Nature Reserve Authority and the relevant personnel and assets transferr

  June 6th, transferred to the ceremony held in Xining district administration of relevant personnel and assets of Sanjiang national natural protection source, provincial Party committee and provincial reform office director, Sanjiang national park system pilot preparatory group leader Ma Shunqing attended the ceremony and delivered a speech, vice governor Gao Hua presided.

ceremony, Ma Shunqing pointed out that the CPC Central Committee and the State Council under the care of the pilot work of Sanjiang source system started six months, the relevant departments in accordance with the provincial Party committee and provincial government deployment, positive action, solid work, National Park Management Bureau of Sanjiang source preparatory work has made positive progress, management system of basic form. Sanjiang source of the National Nature Reserve Administration Personnel and assets of the Provincial Forestry Department officially transferred to the Sanjiang National Park Authority (chips), which means that the official establishment of the national park management authority established.

Ma Shunqing stressed that the central and provincial government determined to carry out the pilot national park system, is to break the barriers of departmental interests, the framework breaks through the existing system, change the "Kowloon flood, to achieve a unified and efficient hills and water, forest, grass lake, integrated management system, for the Chinese nation to protect springhead ecological products. Good to the country, the Sanjiang water moistens the land of china. National park system pilot to integrate all kinds of protection, to achieve the two unified exercise to ensure that the source of Sanjiang’s natural resource assets, all of the country, shared by the people, generations of heritage."


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