Qinghai Tibet railway and Tibetan antelope Qinghai tourism this year the main push two brands

Reporters recently learned from the Provincial Tourism Bureau, this year, the province’s tourism will be closely around the Qinghai Tibet railway and the Tibetan antelope to do articles.

it is understood that this year our province will continue to push the main brand and brand Fuwa Yingying of Qinghai Tibet railway. According to market research, this year, the province’s tourism situation is particularly good, is expected to be better than last year, seize this opportunity, the province will be in the main tourist market to carry out the Qinghai Tibet Railway brand publicity. In addition, there is also a strong brand effect to the Tibetan antelope image as the prototype of the Fuwa Yingying, as Yingying’s hometown, our province will also be in the Olympic Games and the main market of tourist publicity.

this year, the provincial Party committee and the provincial government to adjust the time of some festivals, these adjustments will leave more space for tourism development. (author: Xiao Yi)


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