The behavior to stop the situation only to chronicle Ji Ji

September 9th, mayor, municipal Party Secretary Wang Yubo presided over the enlarged meeting of the municipal Party committee, the main responsibility for the implementation of the government to promote the work of building a clean government system requirements, arrangements. Wang Yubo stressed that the municipal government party system is the main responsibility of the government’s clean government system, to fulfill their duties to fulfill the main responsibility, at any time can not be vague, can not shake, can not slack off. Wang Yubo requirements, one should assume the main responsibility. The government party group of people standing in the high politics, thinking and action to the new requirements of the province, municipal Party committee, as the focus on reform, promote development and maintain stability, the main responsibility for it, do a clean government "responsible person" and "leader". Each division of work is their responsibility field, to the responsibility to the people, the responsibility to the matter, the responsibility field accident, the responsible person will be accountable, accountable. All Party members must comply with the "who is in charge, who is responsible for requirements, implement a pair of". Two to take control of their own, take control of their families, under the control of subordinates, human control, reflecting the lead in clean politics. Party members should play an exemplary role in compliance with the relevant provisions of the clean government, to achieve higher standards, more stringent requirements. To strengthen the sense of discipline, fear of Party discipline, abide by Party discipline, good discipline, do things to stop the behavior to discipline, discipline, love to discipline, discipline be director general, establish pragmatic people clean government image. Three to do put the tube combination. Continue to promote the transformation of functions, decentralization, strengthen the system of anti-corruption, reserved by law and implemented the administrative licensing matters, to effectively streamline the approval process, standardize approval, strengthen supervision, prevent and punish the abuse of power. The four should always reflect everything everywhere from Yan zhili. In charge of the Department, in charge of cadres in charge of the work, dare to request, good requirements, strict requirements, not without loss of responsibility, in order to gloss it over, do strict supervision and administration according to law. The supervision and audit throughout the whole process of the policy, the infiltration of the various business operations, so that the whole process of the operation of the power into the effective supervision of all parties, to build a pragmatic and effective anti-corruption risk control mechanism. To further expand the scope of government affairs, improve accountability system and information feedback mechanism, and consciously accept the supervision of the community and public opinion. We must resolutely punish unhealthy practices that harm the vital interests of the masses, and correct the cadres’ indiscriminate use, slow action and inaction, so as to create a sound ecological environment for development.  

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