Taxi industry to carry out the civilized driving safety and peace quality service to celebrate the

according to the city Department of transportation on the "two", "NPC and CPPCC" transportation industry overall deployment and work requirements, the taxi industry has made arrangements, held on December 29th and on behalf of the driver to participate in a special meeting in charge of the taxi company, decided to carry out the "civilized traffic safety, quality service to celebrate the two" activities. Activities for a period of 2 months, from 2011 1 January to the end of February 28th, the main content of the activities are as follows:

first, the full implementation of security work to ensure that people travel safe

companies to make arrangements for the annual production and work safety, and combined with the "two", "NPC and CPPCC" and the spring work requirements, carry out safety education, advocating civilized driving, eliminate free U-turn, speeding, scramble soliciting and other traffic violations, to provide security for the passenger line.

two, improve service level, for the two sessions, two to create a civilized and harmonious atmosphere of the festival

the organization learning driver taxi industry service standards, to carry out service activities, from the language of civilization, standardized services and other aspects of education of drivers, to create a national civilized city propaganda use of blackboard, advertising boards, from a city level understanding of civilized service, importance of operating norms.

three, good capacity car appearance, create a clean environment for passengers

strictly implement vehicle cleaning system, strict inspection of the vehicle from the source of health and capacities appearance of the car, the road transportation management arrangements for staff in the taxi company to supervise cleaning work, the company sent smoke to check the vehicle health, and do the cleaning card registration, on-site rectification of substandard vehicles, ensure good capacity car appearance.

four, increase inspection efforts to ensure the implementation of the measures

asked the city yunguanchu inspection unit to increase the taxi inspection efforts, thorough investigation of uncivilized conduct, thorough investigation of capacity car appearance, for violations of the vehicle investigation heavy penalties, protection work to fully implement the measures.

five, the implementation of the holiday duty system, accepting passenger complaints report

transportation management department and various car rental companies do a good job on the holiday duty, reported receiving complaints, timely investigation, to ensure that passengers’ interests are effectively protected.


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