The basic drug system extends to more than two hospitals

Provincial Health Planning Commission recently held a meeting to determine the ten key regulatory work in our province. Among them, expanding the scope of the implementation of the basic drug system, improve the basic drug use management policy. This year in the consolidation of the basic drug system effectiveness, and vigorously promote the basic drug system to more than two hospitals to extend, expand the scope to Xining, Haidong City, Golmud City, Delingha city and the province of all state and county seat of government non government run medical institutions, and fully equipped with the use of essential drugs lingchalv.

ten key regulatory work, the basic adjustment of drugs more than two medical institutions with the use of the sales amount and proportion of medical personnel, regulate prescription behavior, promote the rational use of essential drugs priority, reduce the unreasonable drug costs. At the same time, adjust and optimize the structure of drugs directory. Our province will establish a comprehensive evaluation of 3 to 5 basic clinical use of basic drugs, comprehensive evaluation of the national directory and the province of the clinical efficacy of the drug directory. Comprehensive implementation of basic drug monitoring and evaluation. Combined with the implementation of the new national essential drugs list, revised the rational drug use monitoring index system. Continue to carry out the basic medical and health institutions, medical institutions for more than two of village clinics, the basic drug system full coverage of monitoring and evaluation work, the non government run primary health care institutions into the scope of monitoring and evaluation, to achieve all aspects of monitoring and evaluation system for basic drugs. Ten key regulatory work also vigorously promote the formulary training, carry out supervision and inspection work, to promote the drug supply security system construction.  

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