What can we do to create a civilized city in Xining

in order to improve the citizens of Xining residents of a city work participation rate, support rate, and give full play to the main role of Xining city residents, from late June, around the theme of "what to do" I create a civilized city, in the city to carry out the model, to become civilized and polite, honest operation, obey the traffic rules, the maintenance of public order and protecting city environment and other aspects of the discussion, and take practical action to help a city".

cadres and workers to carry out when the vanguard

Xining City cadres and workers around the "exemplary, striving to practice social morality for example, participate in the comprehensive improvement of the environment of striving to set an example to participate in volunteer service activities of the objectives and requirements, each unit in the organization of municipal authorities to carry out the study and discussion, to carry out a big discussion, for the publicity through the organization of cadres and workers into the community, to carry out traffic order civilized persuasion volunteer service activities, with practical action to create work to contribute to participate in the vanguard of civilization, civilized city work"".

community residents to be civilized and polite people in Xining

Xining community residents around the people of Xining "three eight" basic moral norms, the use of community schools, moral lecture organization common learning manual residents etiquette knowledge, advocate people action, consciously abide by civilized norms, civilized style show. Through the organization of the public to talk about the changes and the development of Xining, to guide the public love home round, Assining, to further enhance the public’s sense of identity, pride and honor.

primary and secondary school students to be civilized citizens

Xining City elementary and middle school students all around "a moral person" and "with courtesy", "be" and other activities, to develop good habits, enhance the quality of civilization, do civilized citizen "for educational purposes, held the theme class meeting for discussion. Xining city to become a "civilized citizen", the growth of civilization.

individual industrial and commercial households to be civilized and honest business households

city’s individual industrial and commercial households around the "honest and trustworthy, anything to disgrace" values in various types of self-employed households and small restaurants, school canteens (organ), with "good faith business" contest and the civilized table action, carry out "responsible commitment to the activities of production and sale of products". The relevant departments of the organization pledge activities, message signature and seminars, exchange of experience, the self-employed households in prestige in their interests and obtain legitimate interests in the production and sale of quality, safety, safe food, effectively protect people’s diet safety.

window service staff to be civilized messenger

the window unit service personnel around the "small window, big service" philosophy, combined with wind rectification and civilized unit in the window unit to create work, through discussion activities, innovative service measures, the implementation of the service system, improve work efficiency, to become the Xining city "the messenger of civilization".

migrant workers to be the new Xining people

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