The provincial government issued the opinions of the food and drug safety four most stringent requir

to thoroughly implement the Party Central Committee and the State Council, a series of decisions on strengthening food and drug safety work deployment, to further strengthen the province’s food and drug safety supervision work, the day before, the provincial government issued "on the further strengthening of food and drug safety supervision work opinions". "Opinions" put forward 25 specific measures to strengthen the supervision of food and drug safety, food and drug safety will be the four most stringent requirements of air plant.

the "opinions" pointed out that the province should resolutely implement the party with responsibility for food and drug safety requirements, governments at all levels to fully implement the most stringent standards, the most stringent regulation, the most severe punishment, the most serious accountability "and" duty, post, personnel, means "requirements, accelerate the establishment of a scientific and perfect food and drug safety management system. The food and drug supervision departments at all levels and relevant departments to fulfill regulatory obligations in accordance with the law, strengthen the safety of food and drug prevention, and afterwards supervision, city (state) and county food and drug supervision departments should fully implement the responsibility of daily inspection of food and drug production and management and regular examination of duties. Food and drug safety committee member units to perform their duties in accordance with the law, work together, close cooperation, work together to strictly food from the farm to the table, drugs from the laboratory to the hospital every line of defense.

"opinions" combined with the reality of our province, from food cultivation (breeding), production and processing to the circulation of consumption, from the development of drugs to the circulation of the use of the various aspects of the whole process of regulatory requirements. To organize the implementation of the "2020 chemical fertilizer, pesticide and veterinary medicine use zero growth action"; strict implementation of food and drug production and operation permit access to system and good quality of production and operation management; strengthen the bee products, Chinese wolfberry, ethnic and local characteristics of food, salt, medicine preparation, Chinese herbal medicine, special drugs, biologics (vaccine) such as product quality and safety supervision; strengthen the management of food trade market, urban high, tourist attractions, school canteens and food vendors in key areas and surrounding areas; the implementation of the "double random sampling system, strict precautions against food and drug safety risks, to crack down on food and drug safety crime.


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