contribute to the construction of ecological civilization in Xining

Retired cadres of all ethnic groups in the city, old comrades:

green earth is the common home of mankind in the round, the Xining environmental protection and city construction of ecological civilization is our common responsibility. On the occasion of the establishment of the ecological protection of Xining veteran volunteer service team, we would like to retire from the city’s cadres, veteran comrades issued a proposal:

A, striving to promote the construction of ecological civilization propaganda. We will follow the provincial government to build a national ecological civilization pilot area of strategic deployment, adhere to the ecological protection of the first philosophy, in various forms, multi-channel wide publicity to the harm of environmental pollution and protect the environment of the importance of environmental protection laws and regulations, popularize knowledge, raise awareness of environmental protection, to create a strong atmosphere of public opinion and a good social environment. From ourselves, from the little things around, strengthen the construction of ecological civilization education, advocate scientific, civilized and healthy lifestyle, constantly use our practical action to influence the people around, to actively improve the ecological environment of Xining and advocating, spread the good sound, gather positive energy.

Haoshou loyalty, laojifuli. Let us consciously take action, actively join the Xining veteran volunteer team in ecological protection, as the initiative to create a plateau city, forest Xining, charm xiadou make contributions.

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