2007 Xining trade and ndustry Bureau to carry out a number of special rectification activities to s

2007, Xining Industrial and Commercial Bureau carried out in order to "red shield agriculture" and "food safety" and "well-known trademark protection" as the theme of a number of special rectification activities, efforts in Combating Unfair Competition, commercial fraud, counterfeiting and other illegal acts of illegal pyramid selling.

2007, the Xining Municipal Trade and industry investigated the case of illegal economic since 2535, a total value of $more than 65 million 130 thousand, destroyed 378 dens of counterfeit, fake, illegal MLM dens 5, inventory education severance marketing staff of 505 people, and seized counterfeit cigarettes were more than 3 thousand, more than 5 thousand and 600 bottles of wine, the collection of expired "three noes" more than 12 thousand bags of food, not edible oil 7000 kg, 88 volt unqualified unqualified brick tea, mobile phone more than and 200, seized substandard wire and cable 4200 meters, fake engineering machinery accessories 200, eighty-seven thousand sets of all kinds of trademark infringement, and expired and no production date of 1135 pesticide bottles, 3000 kilograms of fake seeds, 73 tons of chemical fertilizer. (author: Liu Dong)


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