[Zhejiang] national key network media interview with reporters in Qinghai Wang Yubo mayor of Xinin


Zhejiang online July 26th hearing (correspondent Tong Jun) 7 25, 2009, the national key network media Qinghai line interview with the mayor of Xining City, the 2012 interview with reporters.

Wang Yubo introduced the basic situation of Xining, and I hope everyone will come to Xining after the real experience of the integrity of the people of Xining, Xining feel the vigorous development of the summer feel cool and comfortable.

Wang Yubo said that Xining is an ancient city, the reform and opening up and the western development, great changes have taken place in Xining, became the largest city on the Tibetan Plateau, Qinghai Tibet Plateau is the center of the city only has a population of more than one million. Around the construction of a more prosperous, more beautiful, more livable modern central city, infrastructure construction breakthrough. A number of green, water supply, sewage treatment, sanitation and other municipal infrastructure was completed, the town has been greatly changed the face of urban carriers and services continue to improve. To realize the harmonious and sustainable development of man and nature, the ecological environment protection has been further strengthened. At present, the forest coverage rate reached 26.5%, built-up area green coverage rate reached 37.1%, per capita public green area increased to 9.5 square meters, with a water surface of 1.9 square meters per capita. Air environmental quality excellent rate remained above 85%. Around the integration of urban and rural development strategy, rural production and living conditions have been significantly improved. In 2011, the per capita net income of rural residents was 6634 yuan, and the rural residents’ consumption was significantly accelerated. Focus on people-oriented and realize the harmonious development of social undertakings, promote the overall; more prominent around the city livable city elements, activities to create remarkable results; strive to build around the great beauty of Qinghai, the summer capital of Xining "brand, and enhance the cultural tourism integration development consciousness and confidence. In 2011, a total of 9 million 813 thousand and 400 domestic and foreign tourists, an increase of 10.38%; total tourism revenue of $5 billion 616 million, an increase of 20.61%.

Wang Yubo said, the next step, the city will be in the implementation of the "three zone" strategy in Xining to further identify positioning, innovation mechanism, seize the opportunity to focus on the development and growth of industries, strengthen ecological construction and environmental protection, efforts to promote national unity and progress, and play a good demonstration effect in Xining province and strive to build Xining into a more beautiful environment, more perfect, more distinctive characteristics, more modern city center of the city and the people’s satisfaction with the life of the city, the city of happiness.


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