How the clothing store management unsalable products

to do the clothing business, unsalable goods will always encounter problems, if not solve this problem, it will damage the interests of the operators. Many people want to open a clothing store, clothing store management so how to deal with unsalable products? Here are some tips for you.

a, employee mentality

clothing is different from other industries, products are not necessarily smooth unsalable, the product itself is good or bad, factors involves a series of problems including geography, climate, culture, fashion trends, staff attitude and so on, not to mention the marketing efforts.

if we pay more attention to it, we will find that most of the best-selling products in the store are quality, moderate style goods. And some good fabric, the design of new products are not necessarily good to sell. There are a lot of one of the reasons, then we should guide how to correctly treat the clerk


1, the product is popular, in addition to the design or features of the product, the key lies in the Purchasing Guide to the confidence and professional level of these clothes.

every piece of clothing are suitable for its customers, each piece of clothing color collocation method. Therefore, the best-selling goods to a certain extent, is suitable for the majority of customers to wear clothing, clothing is relatively easy to match. Flat pin, unsalable products, because of our own confidence and professional level is not enough, not to help them to find suitable collocation, to find a suitable customer not to wear.

2, "no clothes can not be sold, only those who can not sell clothes"!

and the realization of real product purchase, the key to solve the customer’s mind, our in-depth understanding of the goods, the goods selling point, product performance, why, how, how sales unsalable collocation can be approved by the customer to make a detailed analysis. Only after we recognize the product, the customer can understand this product for their own. Understanding of the product, is to learn, learn to learn, adhere to, adhere to adhere to.

3, there is no bad style, only bad collocation.

to learn more about these styles of matching, corresponding to the flat products, as far as possible so that the best-selling products to drive flat sales products, namely: choose to be able to sell products with a series of products or can be used with flat products. Flat products will become popular.

4, sales is not absolute, sometimes only partial. Even in the same area, there may be two different situations in different shops.

is not what our customers are different, maybe just because there are more people in other stores

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