Report to the prime minister red envelopes what are loaded

in recent years, the Spring Festival grab red swept the country, but the biggest red envelopes, in fact, the annual report of the two countries in the government work. 5, the opening of the twelve session of the National People’s Congress in the Great Hall of the people, Li Keqiang, premier of the State Council for the government work report of the four. Some members said that the government work report this year’s "red envelopes" every phrase a gem, big red.

prime minister this year, in the end of the report which the livelihood of the people sent big red it? On behalf of members, the reform of the experience and the people feel and evaluation? Reporters to help you open the prime minister’s report in the livelihood of the red envelopes".

– education big red

vigorously develop modern vocational education, classification of secondary vocational education to promote the elimination of tuition and fees. Poor students to take the lead in the elimination of ordinary high school tuition.

, said on behalf of the members of the CPPCC National Committee, Ding Jinhong, director of the Institute of population, East China Normal University, said that after compulsory education, exemption from tuition and fees to the secondary and high school education. In the realization of the education funds accounted for GDP4%, is completely on the weak areas and increase investment in vocational education, which is the starting point of education, poverty alleviation and technical personnel training, can be said to be from the reality, the money wisely".


] reform witness said the Shanghai Municipal Education Commission Director Su Ming said that since 2010, Shanghai city gradually to rural families, low income families, agricultural professional and professional awards (city economic development need and shortage, the demand is relatively stable and professional) implementation of free secondary vocational education, every year can be exempted from the tuition fees of 2600 yuan or professional school 4000 yuan, from 400 yuan to 600 yuan fees for books, and enjoy state grants.

[people] Guizhou County Road, Yuxi county middle school students in grades nine, Yang,, is a typical mountain children". He said, junior high school graduates want to take an examination of the County demonstration vocational colleges, the tuition is free, but there are still some funding policy, "in the future if can enter Guangdong vocational college is good, can tell where working parents."

– medical big red

achieve full coverage of serious illness insurance. Central financial arrangements for urban and rural medical assistance grants 16 billion yuan, an increase of 9.6%. Integration of urban and rural residents basic medical insurance system, financial subsidies from 380 yuan per person per year increased to $420. Basic public health services funding from 40 yuan per capita increase to $45.


] said on behalf of members of the National People’s Congress, the Sichuan Provincial People’s Hospital of Ganzi, chief physician said Yingcuo anesthesia, the development of medical services, "human" is the most critical factor, believe that through the deepening of reform, there will be more and more medical workers rooted in rural areas of central and western regions, inject tonic for health Chinese construction".


] reform witness said Fujian province Sanming City reform group leader Zhan Jifu said, Sanming City from 2012 started a comprehensive reform of public hospitals, to reform the government management system as a prerequisite, through medical three doctors linkage";

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