Xining province will carry out agricultural products quality and safety traceability pilot

to accelerate the realization of the quality and safety of agricultural products in our province this year in full control, Xining city to carry out the "three one" agricultural product quality traceability system construction pilot.

it is understood that participate in the pilot enterprises are mainly Beijing Hualian Supermarket, 100 square store, Huarun million 3 supermarkets and Xining long Kang breeding Co. Ltd, Ledu county agriculture production and marketing of Agricultural Products Association, Ledu Fengyuan piglets breeding Co. Ltd. and Qinghai Hui Tian agricultural value Co. Ltd., Ledu folo animal husbandry Co., Ltd. 5 the industrial enterprises, covering the egg, vegetables, pork and other products.

at present, tracing the terminal system has been debugged successfully. Consumers can query the relevant information of the products purchased by the product bar code, but also can query the province’s more than and 200 pollution-free agricultural products, green food, organic food, agricultural products, geographical indications of the product certification information. (author: Luo Lianjun)

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