Xining hundred cultural feast welcome new year

December 17th, reporters from the Xining city cultural radio and Television Bureau, December 21st, hundreds of new year’s day, Spring Festival, Lantern Festival cultural activities will be held at the Qinghai Grand Theatre and the square, for the public to send a cultural feast.

this cultural feast will be held in Qinghai Grand Theatre in December 21st. 19:30 on December 21st, months of people stage talent show will end at the Qinghai Grand Theatre on the painting, pay attention to performance of the public, can watch the annual finals at the Qinghai Grand Theatre, favorite celebrities cheer up. In addition to modern theatrical performances, this cultural feast, especially drama love Qinqiang opera fans for a "Qinghai special", December 25th at 19:30, "Deng Xun" repertoire for the first time in Qinghai Grand Theater performances. 2013 New Year’s Day approaching on the day of the Spring Festival party become the most public concern, 19:30 on December 28th, hosted by the Xining Municipal Bureau of the Spring Festival evening of the new year, will dance together with the audience farewell in 2012.

2013 New Year’s Day holiday, unable to visit the Qinghai theater of the people do not have to regret, January 1, 2013 to 3 day at 13:30, the provincial capital of the central square will bring wonderful performances for the audience, everyone can participate in. In January 1, 2013, the Folk Culture Association of outstanding community theatrical performances, the audience can enjoy the scene in the community brings different styles of performance; January 2, 2013 is children’s concert all parents and children are in favor of the guzheng, piano, dance and other rich performances, will bring a learning and communication platform for the children; January 3, 2013, love local folk old people can watch the local folk performances in the square, enjoy Qinghai Ping Xian, "flowers" etc.. (author: Ma Rong)

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