The province found that the work of the rule of law in the construction of the activities of the yea

this year, the provincial Price Bureau take measures to carry out certification work to identify the price law construction activities, through a series of very fruitful initiatives, the price of that work more orderly.

work to identify the basis for strengthening the Bureau of prices, over the years the introduction of normative documents involved in various types of price confirmation to conduct a comprehensive clean-up; price determination of a case of a registration system, determine the person responsible for the case registration work; price information acquisition system of Cordyceps sinensis, Tibetan Mastiff, Kun Lunyu, jewelry jewelry with local characteristics, and the establishment of price information database corresponding to the identified price levels in the province; institutions issued a unified system of internal audit, price confirmation case records of the collective deliberation, the implementation of price determination of internal audit and collective deliberation system.

at the same time, the rule of law to do publicity, use of the "fifty-third anniversary of Lei Feng," 3· "; 15" international consumer rights day and other activities, to carry out legal publicity activities identified price consulting services, issued the "Qinghai province involved in property prices that management measures" manual of more than 3000 copies, the price that law publicity page more than 6000 Zhang, accept the consultation of the masses more than 100 people. And actively carry out business training, unified and standardized the price that the filing document format, method of operation and management; carry out the price that the construction of the rule of law and case studies to check the activities of exchanges, enhance the price that the personnel identification consciousness, responsibility consciousness and awareness of risk prevention and control law.

In addition to

, to further standardize the price determination behavior, enhance the level of price determination. Seriously carry out the price of that business self-examination, from the existing problems in search, study the potential risk, formulate improvement measures; formulated the "Qinghai province price determination expert management measures", the formation of the province’s price confirmation system under the mechanism of mutual cooperation, improve the quality of handling cases; issuing "measures of Qinghai province price confirmation hearing (Trial)", the establishment of price the price that a large amount of critical cases and disputes that the sentencing hearing system, standardize hearing procedure, risk aversion, scientifically determine the price determination conclusion.


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