Product agents have a principle you know a few points

now join the brand is everywhere, if people choose good, does have a very good brand, to help people carry out business, however, the process of brand agent in this way, the choice of time, must be careful, there are some principles to follow, the best!

now open newspapers, magazines, advertising agency is looking for products everywhere. Some people hold such an instinctive rejection of this kind of advertising, that is a liar, in fact, is not the case. It also hides a Kingsoft, the key is you want to have the eye. Select the product agent, the most important thing is to see the development prospects of proxy products.

mature product is not required to advertise all over the world to find the agent, without advertising will also have many agents to come to. Advertising bidding agent products, are generally still in the development stage of the new product market, so the market prospect is how to distinguish the products, products to agents of "money" king, is a branch of knowledge.

A, is not to big companies and mature products agents, because these products are generally stable market, but small profit margins, harsh conditions, non strength can not bear, workers are more difficult to have.

Fourth, the best in direct contact with the manufacturers, instead of second-hand or even three hand agents, unless manufacturers have special requirements. If you intend to do the second-hand, three hand agents, so one should consider the superior agency for your profit space is enough, two to consider the character and reputation of superior agency, three to consider the superior agents and manufacturers.

An analysis of the

, if you want to go on the road, you now know how to choose the agent brand? Only by understanding the content, then you will be able to allow entrepreneurship >

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