How to make money fast open shoe

every day we have to wear shoes, with people’s living standard improved, for shoes requirements are constantly improve, now not only clothing ushered in a huge market and business opportunities, the shoes also brought a very good development, as we all know, there is a saying, is to see how a person this is the first taste, look at a man’s shoes. Be sure to choose a good quality shoes, people look very good taste. Start a brand of shoe, is also quite lucrative, market demand. So, how to make money fast start shoe.

one, along the slope under the donkey law

shoes shopping guide in the process of introducing goods, can borrow the problems to express their true opinion.

has a shopping guide in a large group of customers to sell a toughened glass, after he finished the description of the goods, to the customer to do the product demonstration. This demonstration is to throw a toughened glass on the ground to prove that the cup will not be broken. But he happened to take a cup that was out of quality. I saw him throw the cup broken.

two, humorous method

is in the sales process, if you encounter unexpected events, shopping guide available shoes humorous to get rid of the dilemma.

three, contextual strain method

context is the language environment, which includes the time, place, social environment, natural environment, etc.. In the sales process, if the shoe guide can skillfully use the context, you can receive unexpected results.

four, with


in the sales process, if you encounter the following situation, how do you deal with? You are in business with a new client, when an old customer calls. He told you to cancel your promise to buy before. Needless to say, at this time, you must have the double pressure, not only to save the old customers, afraid of divulging sales lost the new customers information. Faced with this situation, if you are on the phone or thrown into a panic, and patrons shouting, he rebuked the bad faith, that is too stupid. Only stay away and old customers, new customers, All is lost.

business, choose a suitable project is very important, today to introduce the shoe business is very good, is worth considering, when people were in the choice of business, the ultimate goal is to make money, start a store, we care about most is to be able to make money, how can fast make money. For how to make money fast start store this problem above has been introduced in detail, I hope you can help. Recommended

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