College students venture to open up the mountain ridge on the eve of the monthly income

entrepreneurship is not unusual, it is curious to the success of the business, we have wasted precious spare time to choose some small projects for investment to many college students, many college students have achieved the harvest, to talk about today is named King Hill College, he started piano for now, the monthly income of million!

"operation of a piano, is not an easy thing." Qiu Jing said with emotion, to continue to learn knowledge, great harvest. "First of all, as the boss, to sign a contract with others, to secure business, need to learn legal knowledge, marketing knowledge; and as a music teacher, all the students have different needs, and constantly improve their abilities in music and music education, music psychology will learn."

, King Hill concluded: first, scientific operation. Business depends on the specific market, a lot of music in the family style mode of operation is also a person of a family business, help to help, this is a waste of resources, low degree of deployment. Second, pay attention to the brand culture. Pay attention to integrity, personal charm into the piano line. Third: education should be in place, have their own technology to join. Music for children, youth, youth, middle age, for different groups of people, each instrument should be set up a scientific teaching program, so that the line will go to professional development.

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