Making use of Baidu to create efficient enterprise network marketing


as the network marketing personnel of enterprises, how to use Baidu to know to build their own efficient enterprise network marketing, the idsem team member Lu Yuhua with examples to share with you Baidu know how to make the enterprise network marketing share, as follows:

a, the use of related tools, the use of Baidu know mining enterprise long tail keywords

says mining long tail keywords, which will all feel very upset, how mining long tail keywords of their industry, the world’s best mining long tail keywords tool, a search engine search, inquiry platform, website statistics tools, Lu Yu will use Baidu as we know Chinese commentary how to mining industry of long tail keywords.


Look at a list of

know problems and relevant search, by many enterprises use Baidu know do enterprise network marketing, the marketing must know when to recognize the question whether the user or to know the professional knowledge questions. Recognition is not belong to the user questions that one can view the questioner information, ask questions (user questions with a fool, words are more general) professional questions implied a few words, but compared with professional type questions.

can bring about the enterprise know the long tail keywords related to the use of a table to record it, then observed for a week or so, if the number of questions long tail keywords or more, can be preserved, as the enterprise of long tail keywords.

two, companies know marketing skills, apply for 10 Baidu account

Baidu know is a very good enterprise network marketing platform, to know the question and answer and adopt requirements are very strict. Do know marketing, account must be made more essential, will be banned and even titles, 10 applications on Baidu know account, one can prevent Baidu know the staff that cheating, one can easily know their flexible use of operation, also need to download four browser, the most commonly used Firefox browser: Sogou, ie, 360 browser, Google browser. The main role is to facilitate their own operations, four browsers can log on to 4 accounts, help to improve the effectiveness of the law.

three, companies know marketing skills two, use the form record good

must be recorded every day know the work diary, the main questions of the account, record the quiz, address, status, whether to adopt the answer, know the top, release time, the statistics on the table, to facilitate their management to know the effect of marketing. In addition, we need to record the key words, through the analysis of the long tail word long tail word analysis tool.

four, companies know marketing skills three, submitted to Baidu know the problem

, for example:

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