How to do business in the off season

shop operators in the off-season, this is not a strange thing, after all, almost any business will exist such a low season. However, many businesses and marketing personnel in the sales season generally take the "Inaction" strategy, namely to reduce staff travel, to save money, every end of the month, the sales staff will be Yahuo with more iron for some customers through marketing policies, the operation of the market basically rely on natural sales, in half the stagnant state of "hibernation".

sales in the off-season, but in fact, if the business and sales staff to reverse thinking, erratic, actively adjust and optimize, take the initiative, even the off-season, the market is still There is much fineness in it. So, how to do business off-season? Let Xiaobian for everyone to analyze it.

change the concept of weak season

in fact, many marketers are idle in the off-season, have a great relationship with their ingrained off-season thoughts, in their mind, is the off-season sales of small, more effort is useless, not to give himself a holiday, relax, to prepare for the busy season again. Therefore, in the off-season sales, more marketers have chosen, etc., the arrival of such a long season.

chose to rely on, want to rely on the company money "smitten", let the market to shine, to add color to the off-season; choose to, to, to, to rebate policy promotion, which can easily Yahuo, this is a typical season of negative thoughts. Under the domination of this idea, as originally in the off-season market, it is impossible to take the initiative to come up with ideas, think of ways, so that the off-season is not light, more prosperous season.

therefore, as a marketing staff, especially the consumer goods industry, in order to successfully cross the off-season, first of all to reverse their off-season concept.

integration promotion products

sales season, is the best time for marketers to sort out and integrate regional products. Because the off-season sales relatively smooth and soothing, therefore, moderate adjustment of product layout and structure, the market will not bring much impact on sales.

to promote new products, especially profitable products. Since the introduction of new products, because of the new, so it will give dealers and dealers new feeling, new power, and ultimately bring new growth points to the market, so that the overall increase in sales.

out of old products. Through the promotion of new products, replacement of old products, new and old products can have a good transition and convergence. Integration and promotion of products, focusing on promotion, through the new product launch and major efforts to promote, can slow down the off-season sales of visual fatigue, thereby stimulating the vitality of the channel, so that the market moves up.


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