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China’s regional differences in the formation of different local customs and practices, China is now a 23 provinces, 4 municipalities, two special administrative regions and 5 autonomous regions, where each region characteristic, Xiao Bian today mainly to introduce Hubei Wuhan. Wuhan is located in the hinterland of china. The world’s third rivers the Yangtze River and its largest tributary of Hanjiang River at this intersection, Wuhan has created a historic stand three geographical features in two rivers, rivers, lake port interwoven throughout the water area of 2217.6 square kilometers, an area of 1/4, constitute the Wuhan Binjiang Binhu water ecological environment. Therefore, since ancient times, Jiangcheng, Wuhan.

Wuhan special snack: Gossip soup, Baiquan duck, Caidian Artemisia Caidian lotus root soup, Chen Ji Noodles with Soy Bean Paste, Hannan mandarin fish, Chu Bao sweet corn stinky bean soup, sweet scented osmanthus flavor crab soup dumplings, beef, Qinghe Fu Xing Cun Rice noodles Braised Prawns, assorted tofu curd, sweet red bean soup, paste osmanthus wine, Hongshan, flower stalk stir-fried smoked pork bean soup, Huangpi bean silk, braised turtle, shrimp patties, orange fish, roast beef, fish head like bean silk, Steamed Wuchang Fish, Yunmeng fish etc.. Following a brief introduction to several well-known Wuhan snacks.

1, hot dry noodles

hot and dry noodles is Hubei province Wuhan City Han special snack, originally is the characteristic of Wuhan delicacy, many places in Hubei are very popular. With the increase in population in Hubei and other provinces, Wuhan is hot and dry noodles in many places to see, is one of the many people love the pasta. Noodles with Soy Bean Paste, hot dry noodles and Beijing Henan noodle, Shanxi Sliced noodles, Sichuan noodles with China known as the five famous face. Hot dry noodles have gluten slim stud, color yellow and oily, delicious taste. Mixed with sesame oil, sesame, spicy pickles and other ingredients, color, flavor and taste. Wuhan hot and dry noodles is known throughout the country and even the world.


, Jingwu duck neck

is the most famous Wuhan Jingwu duck neck Han snacks, because originated in Hankou Jingwu road name. The Sichuan party Jingwu duck neck is improved with the halogen fire on the duck neck meter Jingwu duck neck training, with spicy Sichuan style, fragrance, taste delicious, so exciting, soon became a favorite snack of Wuhan, only in the Jingwu Road area will have a dozen stores. Today, Jingwu duck neck across the country can be found everywhere, and formed some new schools.

3, Zhou Heiya

used for duck duck week to dozens of Chinese herbal medicine stewed, bone, the previous duck by Bai Bianhuang, then by the yellow gradually become black, finished black with yellow, bright color, a good appetite; then add pepper, pepper and other spices with excellent selection, sweet but not greasy, spicy but not dry Ma, but not astringent, wonderful entrance, meat and bones are too wonderful for words, can eat, very suitable for eating, drinking, is a rare leisure.

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