Unified management of medical insurance and health care physicians in Fujian

in our lives, although the government for the people to see a doctor to give a great help, but still faces a series of problems. In November 11th, Fujian Province Medical Insurance Management Committee Office (referred to as the Fujian medical insurance office) and then a heavy, the implementation of the Medicare physician code unified management in the province. According to the medical insurance office director Zhan Jifu introduced the implementation of this system, not only conducive to the norms of designated medical institutions of the health insurance fund, can also be implemented in individual physician specific health insurance fund, to facilitate unified supervision of medical service.

in fact, since September 28th, the country’s first provincial health insurance in Fujian since the date of the establishment, which is detached from the social sector and the health sector outside the third party agencies, regulatory efforts on medical services is growing. Fujian medical insurance office before the date issued "on further fraudulent medical insurance fund and the behavior of the notice" against the interests of patients, increase the supervision of hospitals and doctors, a clear violation of medical behavior will be included in the blacklist". Zhan Jifu said, this document is for illegal medical behavior suffering from social criticism developed, more than a month, the digital doctor was blacklisted because of irregularities, was suspended at the provincial level the Medicare prescription right of punishment.

if Medicare does not regulate medical behavior, it is difficult for consumers to effectively purchase services, consumers will always be in a weak position. The service can be guaranteed, hospitals and doctors is the key." Zhan Jifu pointed out that health care as a special commodity, not only to the masses to provide medical expenses reimbursement function, more importantly, can play an important role in regulating medical behavior and guide people to seek medical treatment.

because of this, Jifu Zhan said, Fujian Province medical insurance management system reform will change the health insurance after Kowloon flood situation, to achieve synergy force of medicine, medical and health care, the supervision of medical service behavior strength ningchengyigusheng, let health do really good health insurance fund gatekeeper.

it is understood that the director of the Fujian Provincial Health Insurance Commission in charge of health and family planning work Li Hong, deputy governor. At present, the Fujian provincial Party Committee Organization Committee has issued a statement, asked around the city in November before the establishment of City Medical Security Management Bureau, and health care management responsibilities to achieve reform through the province.

currently, Fujian medical insurance office integrated medical insurance policy, medical insurance fund supervision, medical service price adjustment, drug procurement and distribution, supervision of medical service behavior, medical insurance information system construction and other multiple functions.

on the basis of the completion of the provisions of the action, Fujian’s health care management system reform and forward beyond the two step." Medical Reform Office of the State Council, full-time deputy director of the State Planning Commission by Secretary Liang Wannian said that the provisions of the action, the state for the establishment of a unified urban and rural residents in the basic medical insurance system clearly put forward the "recommended

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