Why community shops investment favored

since people’s lives have been improved, "investment" has become a part of the lives of many people, and investment products are more and more. With more and more types of investment products, people of various investment shops have become too busy to attend to all but recently, a class of products investors access to the largest and most familiar. With the ever-changing market, shops also play a different role in the investment stage". Among the many types of shops, community shops because of its low price, small size, the total investment is relatively low, the characteristics of the return is more stable favored by many investment passengers.

reasons one, customer spending power increased by

with the city’s residential areas continuous expansion and migration, the consumption capacity continues to improve, making this kind of property form of community shops can develop rapidly, community shops is becoming one of the biggest potential types of shops. Because of the diversification of community shops Yetai, making some investors are flocking.

reason two, community shops shopping more convenient

community shops to a large community or a number of small and medium sized community, based on the commercial radiation capability, the potential purchasing power of residents huge.

at the same time, community shops shopping is convenient outside shopping place does not have, which makes the prosperity of the community commercial street shops and visibility and rents, and less city commercial street. Moreover, as long as the successful development of the community, the development of a good environment, with the increase in community occupancy rates and increased purchasing power of consumers, the value of the shops will gradually be reflected and improved.

reason three, investment risk is smaller


financial products revenue is generally low, the risk of other high-yield channels in the background, the investment community believes that the transition into the channel will usher in the spring of the community. Many investors believe that the community shops are mostly used for daily necessities of life, stable operating income, investment risk is relatively low.

community business from the future development of space, development prospects and government support and market demand, is indeed a very promising business form. Overall investment prospects in the community shops in a steady rise, but taking into account the traffic, the owners and the surrounding consumer power and other factors, investors have to choose." Industry experts said. In the industry view, location selection of shops is always the only rule. Selected on the lot, the appreciation of the value of the future shops self-evident.

many investors are now very popular community shops are so strange, then, with the above analysis of small series, and now it will be strange? If you want to invest in the retail market, community shops is undoubtedly a very good choice

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