China hot pot ten brands list

said that China’s food, hot pot must not be a lack of, but because of the different tastes of people, so that our country has a lot of hot pot Market brand. Next, let Xiaobian to introduce China’s top ten brands of hot pot, to see if you prefer a Chinese hot pot brand!

China hot pot ten brands list NO.1, sea fishing:

sea fishing Hot pot was founded in 1994 to operate a large inter provincial direct Sichuan food catering brand Hot pot for ten years, the company has more than and 50 homes in the City outlets, the products have passed HACCP certification, QS certification and ISO international quality management system certification, in February 2010, won the 2010 annual "the most popular 10 best Hot pot shop.

Chinese hot pot ten brands list NO.2, Qin Ma:

Ma Qin Hot pot is Chongqing Qin Ma Catering Management Limited business set catering, brand chain and Hot pot Hot pot condiment production as one of the large-scale catering chain enterprises, after eleven years of development, has won the "international famous restaurant", "international delicacy Quality Award", "China name Hot pot", "top 100 catering Chinese enterprise", "Chongqing private employment champion" for nearly a hundred awards.

ten China Hot pot brand ranking NO.3, tokusho:

Chongqing Dezhuang industrial group is a set of Hot pot industry development, the development of the tourist industry, Hot pot materials distribution diversified modern private enterprises, has won the "national top 100 catering enterprises", "national green food enterprises", "Chinese name Hot pot" and "Chinese feast", "national top ten food chain enterprise" and so on.

Chinese hot pot ten brands list NO.4, odd hot pot:

is a well-known national brand odd Hot pot chain enterprise Research Institute of Chongqing’s Hot pot Huiyuan carefully crafted, has won the "Chinese famous Hot pot", "China name Hot pot feast", "national green food enterprises", "Chinese restaurant brand", "China catering hundred enterprises", "the first and the second industry assured Hot pot", "rest assured Hot pot bottom material enterprise", "assured Hot pot unit", "China name Hot pot" and "Chongqing Hot pot", "Chongqing ten brand catering enterprises" honor.

Chinese hot pot ten brands list NO.5, Little Swan:

Chongqing Little Swan

Klc Holdings Ltd was founded in 1982, in 2005, Little Swan Hot pot was identified as "A Well-Known Trademark in China" Trademark Review Committee of the State Administration for Industry and commerce, is the first class service Chinese won the western A Well-Known Trademark in China, also won the Chinese.

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