Housing prices in Nanjing such as Mustang rose for the 16 consecutive month

Nanjing house prices continued to rise, causing a high degree of concern of the community, the authorities concerned for such a phenomenon, but also actively introduce relevant policies to stop. Then, housing prices in Nanjing such as the "Mustang" what is reflected? National Bureau of statistics released yesterday in June 70 large and medium cities housing prices show that the price of new homes in Nanjing rose by 4%, ranking the country’s total of third, which is already rising for the past 16 months.

with a view of the Nanjing property market, but more and more prosperous, is forced out of regulatory policy, cooling measures introduced is to further increase the probability.

Nanjing prices rose 16 months

2015 March -2016

, June

6 month chain

rose 4%

national third

in the second half

price forecast

industry: little national hot city price downside, consolidation after the slowly rising trend is

three or four line city prices during the year is difficult to enter the uplink

data Nanjing June house prices rose over 30%

from the national point of view, the current round of rising prices is slowly stable. 70 large and medium cities in new houses and second-hand housing prices rose in the city were 55 and 48, respectively, last month to reduce the number of the 5 and the second; the decline of the city were 10 and 14, respectively, an increase of more than last month, and 1 and 1.

Hefei, Xiamen and Nanjing have become the three consecutive month prices of new homes in Hefei in June, led the city, Xiamen, Nanjing, were up 4.9%, 4.7%, 4%.

Shenzhen and Shanghai rose before the ferocious rally continues to stabilize in June, new homes were up 2.6% and 2.4% respectively, with the 70 City Fourth, sixth.

rose again, Nanjing prices have risen for 16 consecutive months! June new home prices rose 4%, an increase of up to 31.5%, in the ranks of the big cities in Shenzhen, Xiamen, Shanghai, after the top fourth, while in January this year, an increase of only 10.8%.

second-hand housing, Nanjing rose 1.9% in June, ranking Xiamen, Hefei, Shanghai, Shijiazhuang, and Wuhan tied for the 70 city of fifth.


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