Do business and customers can not joke

different store owner’s character will be different, some shopkeepers are very like to open some small joke. Moreover, in the retail business process, in order to enliven the atmosphere, enhance mutual emotional communication between owners and customers, open a few good joke, often can shorten the distance, to create a harmonious atmosphere for shopping. But joking, also want to pay attention to time and place, but also to grasp the sense of propriety, but also to see the object. Do not casually, otherwise, would be counterproductive, self defeating, offending customers, loss of business.

retail store owner on the grounds of chaos and the customer joked, offended the customer, so that the original harmony of the relationship between the customer suddenly nervous. Not only did the customer in the store to buy things, but also let the king go off in a huff angrily, boss of regret. That day, a middle-aged man came to the store to buy things. The customer was originally the old boss of the shop in the store, home supplies mostly in his shop to buy. Usually buy things, two people also occasionally open a few harmless joke.

, however, middle-aged male customers more than two months did not come to the store to buy things. See the male customer, Tian boss asked: "how did you come to shop?" The middle-aged male customer stall said: "I went to the field". After a while, the middle-aged man said: "you are a bit hot in the store," said the hat off. Tian boss look, middle-aged male customers became bald. Then, Tian boss and male customer joked: "Yo, said intelligent head does not long, it seems that you are very clever!"

Tian boss said, middle-aged male customers suddenly turn pale, he angrily pointing to the boss said: "you only do clever. I have never seen such a bad boss, take someone else’s pain to find fun." Then, male customers walk away. The middle-aged male customers, suddenly let Tian Meng boss. Usually two people also occasionally open a few jokes, the impression that the male customer is not the kind of person who can not joke, this time how quickly it?

later, Tian boss know, the reason why the head of the male customer became bald, because cancer has been a chemotherapy, hair all out. Aware of the situation, Tian boss very regret, he called the love shop in the store, he took some supplements to the male customers home visit and sincerely apologized until it is finished. After this incident, the boss did not dare to make a joke with the customer.

of course, not to say that the business can not joke. Appropriate jokes, can shorten the distance between the owner and the customer, enhance the feelings between each other, and promote faster business transactions. But we must grasp the "degree" of a joke, do not overdo sth. to achieve the objective of.

so, with the customer joke, should grasp the principle? First, to pay attention to the occasion to joke. In general, when the store customers do not joke, because the opening

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