Five signs of aging need to be taken seriously

The young

, we feel old really far away, can we find the old age increasing, on around us, although we have a young heart, but a variety of physiological aging is that we are aging. The five signs of aging to share with everyone, we hope to be taken seriously, so that the pace of aging to go slower.

– intestinal unclean

Runzhi Stephen to remind you not think? The wound for 5 ~ 6 meters the guy turned out to be the best place to start your aging? Indeed, because intestinal is our body important digestive system, absorb nutrition from here, toxins, waste discharged from here. Medical experts pointed out that the human body 90% of the disease associated with intestinal unclean, not equal to the toilet for the next 1 days to suck up to 3 packs of cigarettes.

The most direct problem of aging is intestinal

– spinal kyphosis

35 years later, the spine, lumbar spine began to regress. Women desire S shape, not to say your spine to become S type. The lateral curvature of the spine can lead to many diseases. Women compared with men, occurrence of scoliosis population is 3 times that of men, scoliosis, women are particularly vulnerable, gently moved a thing might lead to the need for a month on the bed. Spinal disease may also affect cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases and mental health.

The survey found: long-term

more than the sun!

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