Open the retail store may spare some change

for countless shopkeepers, the change is not strange, especially some small retail stores, the daily change received more than some big bills. In fact, Xiao Bian here suggested that if it is to open a retail store, may wish to prepare some change, I believe you will have a very large store operations help oh.

I shop in the town of

near the bus station, from November last year, passenger transport company withdrew some trips to the conductor, no ticket, passengers by independent coin. Therefore, people need to be ready to change before the car.

at that time, a lot of people come to the store every day to change, sometimes even more than the customer to buy things. Although some people will buy a bottle of water, a pack of cigarettes, or other snacks, but the number is not much. Because too many people change, I deliberately prepared for the change is sometimes not enough. "A lot of people only change not to buy things, too much trouble, you do not care, they will not come naturally."

old customers see me busy, he said to me. However, I do not think so, want to have a stable source, we must establish a good relationship with customers, customers want to think, anxious customers anxious. So, into the store, whether it is to buy things or change, I am warm hospitality. In addition, I also intend to prepare adequate change in advance, as far as possible so that we can change.

once, a more than and 50 year old female customers into the store with a $50 bill with hurried to catch the train ride, said the need to change. I immediately asked her to change 10 yuan, $5, $1 and other denominations of change, she is very grateful. A week later, the customer went to relatives, specially came to my store to buy more than 100 yuan of goods. Before leaving, she told me, after my shop introduced her relatives and friends.

although just prepared some small change, to provide customers with convenient, seemingly nothing, but the performance of the store has a very big help. For a long time, the store’s turnover has been significantly improved. On the one hand, some customers often come to change the very trust me, my shop as a fixed point of shopping; on the other hand, many people also bring friends and family to spend, popular Wang, a good natural business.

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