How to determine the quality of hot pot to join the brand

catering industry fiery development, attracting more and more attention of investment businesses. There are a lot of people want to join the business to achieve wealth through the dream of dining. However, opportunities and risks coexist. For those who want to do hot pot store friends, the choice of hot pot to join the brand need to pay attention to the following six key elements:

hot pot join the brand choice note 1 all joined the beginning of the franchise franchise business qualification examination

Ministry of internal trade "commercial franchising management approach (Trial)" the provisions of article seventeenth:’

franchisees to carry out business activities shall be submitted in accordance with the provisions of article twelfth of the China Chain Management Association for the record’.

you need to ask the food chain franchisee to review and record the information to determine the legality of.

or behind said is no good.

well, why do you want to join the store? Because you think he or his business is good, good business, or their boss was tall and handsome, let you feel particularly reliable, is short of feeling which is good, but can’t say where good specific.

2. determine the hot pot to join the brand, we can evaluate from the following aspects:

internal force:

whether there is a sound financial management system;

perfect human resource management system;

new product development and innovation capability;

perfect logistics distribution system;

overall operation management and supervision system;

and advanced, scientific, standardized and reproducible production management support system.


flavor characteristics and high technical content;

larger radiation space and higher social reputation;

has a long history and more cultural connotation;

good economic benefits and positive social impact.

and should have a sound business management organizational structure

is now catering enterprises recommended

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