The new generation of the two generation

, the two generation, two rich generation is our common vocabulary now is a common social phenomenon and the crowd, along with the increasing of business groups, business market is growing, and the emergence of a new term – a two generation, they are a generation of what? May wish to understand!

they did not indulge in the present life, employment, they gave up and arranged by the parents of a stable and lucrative fixed job opportunities, the choice of entrepreneurship. Or, although they inherited the previous generation inheritance, but to create a world of their own.

if their parents called "a generation", so we might as well be the Cenozoic group known as the "two generation set". "They are the second generation of private enterprises, both inherited his father, or the other way, they are constantly creating and innovation." Guo Yunmin, vice president and Secretary General of Henan private economic rights development association, the definition of the two generation.

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"a two generation of this group is not good, the first generation of private entrepreneurs are most in the last century in 80s, and now they are still fighting in the front line." When we contact Jiuding Dresdner Consultants Limited chairman Zhang Baoying, he said that a two generation of this group is very difficult.

1982 was born in Lu Yibo, has 7 years of experience studying abroad, after returning home he entered his father’s business, starting from a monthly salary of 500 yuan ordinary salesman, then to the sales director and deputy general manager, general manager of the company has been to.

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