Alibaba will announce the acquisition of South China Morning Post before Christmas

entrepreneurs generally have an understanding, can not stop the pace of development, and only continue to develop in order to maintain momentum. Recently, the media reported that the Alibaba group will be announced the acquisition of the "South China Morning Post before Christmas.".

12 3, the digital business news platform Quartz today quoted an informed source said, Alibaba and the Hongkong newspaper "South China Morning Post" will be on Christmas Day (December 25th) before the signing of the acquisition agreement.

the source also said that the investment company is a Alibaba, and its founder Ma Yun (micro-blog). After the completion of the transaction, "the South China Morning Post" editorial department will continue to operate independently.

in November 9th this year, "Chinese daily" (China  Daily) first reported that Ma or Alibaba intends to stake the SCMP group. In November 23rd, foreign media reported that Alibaba founder Ma intends to stake the SCMP group, the two sides are in talks. Moreover, the negotiations have entered the final stage, the two sides will soon hold a signing ceremony.

11 25, SCMP group submitted to the HKEx documents said: "the board of directors of the company have confirmed that indeed interested third party contact us, intends to acquire our media assets. However, the negotiations are still in the early stages, the terms of any potential agreement remains to be further discussed, as well as the assessment of the regulatory authorities."

Alibaba as China Internet startup company leader, has not stopped the footsteps of entrepreneurship, continue to move forward. With the spirit of innovation, in order to be able to stand in the market for a long time.

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