Beijing will increase the intensity of the hostel management

in Beijing, will increase the strength of the management of pension, so that more visitors to protect the interests of. Don’t live in travel thousands of stores side hotel, personalized, down to earth the home tourism favored by more and more consumers. But because of the lack of appropriate management measures, the vast majority of Beijing, only unlicensed.

over 90% country houses unlicensed

bed and breakfast in Beijing, 33 located in the East and the west of the courtyard, through the evaluation of listed as "Beijing people", achieved business qualifications, eight tourists have come to. The 33 Beijing people’s Beijing B & B is one of the few "regular army".

at the end of last year, the relevant departments to do a survey on the urban and rural areas of Beijing, tourism market, Tourism Commission official said, "the vast majority of rural pension has been operating without a license, because these are not home registration, so it is difficult to statistics, supervision is very difficult, no more than 90% of rural lodging management."

people in need Caution!, the choice of informal pension, easy to make their own personal safety and property security, so the relevant departments to increase the Beijing hostel management. Deputy director of the Municipal Tourism Committee An Jinming introduction, with the complementary pension standards and technical requirements of detailed measures, administrative department of tourism in conjunction with the relevant departments are stepping up efforts to develop, including the B & B fire, business license, health permits and other aspects, is expected this year officially announced.

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