Daily topic watercress can catch up with the mobile nternet the last bus

A5 webmaster network (www.admin5.com) February 11th news, in the rapid development of the Internet world, watercress has been the development of its unique literary and artistic temperament, not anxious not impatient. But in such a slow rhythm watercress seems to have missed the mobile internet. In the mobile era of the outbreak of watercress also has been questioned, whether to go too slow the last bus make it mobile Internet


was founded in March 2005, has now gone through nearly 10 years. Watercress with its unique small fresh temperament in the restless Internet community alone. In the past ten years, the user can not help but have a lot of criticism and questioned watercress, but it can not be denied, it can create a history. So far, no one in China has been able to fully replicate in this sense, it is not a competitor, it belongs to the kind of event that occurs only once.

but the mobile Internet fast era so that the slow company seems to be out of tune, do not pay attention to the development of the mobile terminal, so that the layout of the mobile terminal in the watercress behind three years. In the rapidly changing mobile Internet era, it took almost three years to reach this conclusion watercress. A North mentality not calm: on the one hand the defocused bean in the mobile Internet for a long time did not find the focus; on the other hand, he said he sometimes from products too close, just a product manager role, sometimes from the product too far, just a management role. These two characters do not help him to find new directions.

at that time because of the size of watercress in the PC is large enough to do more than 100 million of the monthly traffic, so that the internal direction can be done in a very deep extension. This idea has strong inertia, in fact, it can not stop. We believe that the mobile Internet era watercress platform can have a combination of multiple directions. So we chose the most reasonable and easiest way, that is, multiple APP. This is a previous idea of inertial thinking, it’s hard to stop to consider what is the difference between the mobile internet. In addition, of course, there is a reason for the lack of awareness at that time, but that the phone screen becomes smaller, so it is best to be simple and direct application, a single function."

its business model is also the focus of questioning. With nearly 9 years of accumulation of watercress billions of traffic, if you want to be commercialized, there are countless possibilities, such as watercress, can the electricity supplier to import electricity supplier or similar to Tmall’s business platform; can do around the movie tickets and other cultural products group purchase website; to the media, from the movie reviews directly extended to video website can go to; hardware, watercress FM based player to do watercress watercress reading based Kindle; even under the line from the cultural tentacles extend to more areas such as online travel etc.. But now the commercialization of traces of watercress is still very shallow.

North said the two quarter losses over the past year, the flat in the two quarter. Although this problem is not the focus of our attention, we also feel that

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