Marriage site with the two or three line of the city the mobile terminal


if the Han Wang

during the Spring Festival, the major online dating sites are for television advertising campaign launched, captured the region the most extensive coverage of the most stable TV audience. After the Spring Festival, low-key seven years after entering into the public view of popular dating sites destined network still hauling on mass transit advertising.

last night, Jiayuan released the 2013 fiscal year and the four quarter last year, net revenues of 492 million 600 thousand yuan. Jiayuan CFO Gu Shangxiu said in a conference call is expected in 2014 sales and marketing expenses in the proportion of total revenue will reach 40%.

at the same time, he revealed that the pattern of competition in the online marriage market has not changed the nature of the current, the main competitors or Lily network and cherish the network, in the mobile sector is a network.

This month

AI released "2013 -2014 Chinese network marriage Industry Report" survey shows that since November 2012 -2013 since November, Chinese dating PC monthly effective use of time fell to 45%; the mobile terminal, from 32.9% a year ago rose to 55%, mobile dating fierce momentum gradually catch up with the traditional PC.

said Jiayuan 2014 will launch more new products, testing of mobile terminal products to expand market share; located in the root user’s destined network will also continue cultivating the mobile terminal products, will be used for functions of machine users migrate to smartphones, and cultivate the habit of paying; Lily network mobile terminal development is quite rapid line the store has more than store revenue.

Where to go online dating website

2014? Marriage market has with the trend of mobile Internet quickly transferred from the PC to the mobile terminal, the mobile phone net cost will mean more users and longer time online. Product side, the mobile terminal is the meaning of the problem, and the user coverage, tentacles will be extended to 234 line city users.

is a large-scale advertising during the Spring Festival, during the Spring Festival is not only because of love and marriage needs of the season, but also because of TV audience coverage throughout the country, to the north of Guangzhou, to the county and rural areas.

whether it is Lily network "forced" advertising controversial being resisted, or single men at arms of the goddess destined network advertising, or "Le Jia" If You Are The One broadcasting recommended make network, consumers feel turns bombing marriage advertisement".

force mobile terminal belongs to the era of mobile Internet market strategy, dating sites are no exception. But Jiayuan, Lily network and make network users located in more than 30 years of higher income white-collar high-end users of a second tier city. Expansion to the three or four line of the city is consistent with the above positioning


Jiayuan CEO Wu Linguang said the target audience has been all singles and the people. "We are focusing on the north, the upper and the broad."

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