Tencent shares 58 city mobile social and local life information can wipe out sparks

recently, Tencent shares 58 city news began to get married 58 piece raise a Babel of criticism of Tencent, has been back and forth analysis, that hot, when the local life information of mobile social hit, will wipe out what kind of spark?

Tencent mobile social electricity supplier conversion rate is always high, only one by one from the Tencent out of pat, Q mall and other commercial businesses, they know the difference between the conversion effect of advertising, what can let their children give Tencent? Forced by nothing more than life.

social and electric fitting degree is not high, so it is safe and service? Think this effect is greater than the electricity supplier, electricity supplier is a zhilaizhiwang, direct sales and service to man, is a little gentle, smiling little brother. Hi talk is when you don’t hate you with a convenient bright smiling face, but will definitely hate cart vendors a "malicious", this is the service industry with the electricity supplier, 58 city Tencent in the home must be more than the electricity supplier who live better.

traffic increased by


will open the entrance of WeChat Sogou, the official did not give the exact answer, make a promise when all unknown officials certainly will not easily to you, but if needed, WeChat 58 empty, Tencent will refuse 58 or it?. Even if there is no WeChat, just look at QQ, and after the joint Tencent soso Sogou, before the end of the disclosure of its mobile search volume, monthly active users has reached 260 million, mobile search volume behind Baidu, the Tencent to help end mobile traffic surge must be the hero: QQ, Qzone, Tencent.com, QQ browser QQ site navigation, mobile phone browser…… Ubiquitous Sogou finally got potential.

58 city as well, Tencent have traffic. As for Yao Jinbo denied in that 58 city will continue to operate independently, think how much necessary to emphasize what Enron, yuyongfu repeatedly stressed that not to sell UC, is a wholly-owned acquisitions Ali, Yao Jinbo denied stand, said 58 city will continue to operate independently, have much value? But no matter in order to clarify or to stand at least, one more topic and "criticism", so that is not well – exposure to.

The relationship between exposure rate and conversion rate of

from implantable advertising

high flow place always is one of the best choice for businesses advertising, many times you have to sit up and take notice of advertising business. Transformers 4 released numerous Tucao, condemning many objective praise but said the two people smile a lot, groove is only one point: productplacement too much.

implantable advertising can not directly bring transformation, reason businesses are still bored is a great amount of exposure. When you are in need of a class of products, when faced with a similar shilly-shally, familiar with the advertising voice or frequent suggests that you make a choice, to achieve transformation in your eye picture, this is the exposure value.


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