Cybersquatting hoax staged deceive many people

well-known enterprises registered domain name, transfer can earn several times and even hundreds of money? I promise to let a company in Sichuan Province, Quxian County private owner Fang Jianbo bangs, pay after they found fooled. Yesterday, under the coordination of this reporter, the company returned 77 thousand yuan Fang Jianbo domain name fee".

yesterday, Jiangbei District Guanyin Bridge a turntable office, Fang Jianbo and nephew squatting on the 10 floor of the elevator, carefully looked at every one out of the.

Fang Jianbo is a special trip from Sichuan to Quxian County Chongqing, then squat for two days, the aim is to find an information technology Co. Chongqing refund. The company is located on the 10 floor, room 11, room No. 12, the door closed, knocking no response. "The company has been avoiding me." Fang Jianbo said.

36 year old Fang Jianbo is the boss of Quxian County River printing. He said that in the morning of January 20th, he received a phone call, the other claiming to be an information technology Co., Ltd., Dazhou, 22, will be held in Sichuan, "the economic inflection point of the 2009 economic forum", invited him to participate in. The other side also sent him an invitation.

Fang Jianbo hopes to find a breakthrough in the wealth of business development forum. January 22nd in the afternoon, he arrived at the Huaxia Hotel in Dazhou, the "fortune forum" venue. The receptionist was welcome him into play, even the toilet is waiting for someone.

Fang Jianbo said there are sixty or seventy participants. 5 experts have come on stage, talk about the contents of the well-known trademarks, domain names and so on. One of the "experts" said they registered a well-known enterprises in the domain name, the results of the other spent ten million yuan to buy back, let the audience heard excited.

at 5 pm, the organizers of the participants in a room. In the "experts" propaganda, Fang Jianbo spent 77 thousand yuan to apply for registering "China medicine", "Changhong" and "China travel network domain name. He said that at least half of the participants registered the domain name of well-known enterprises, involving the "pride", "emperor", "Fenggu wine" and other well-known enterprises, most of the application domain 7, spent 170 thousand yuan.

returned to Quxian County after Fang Jianbo Internet inquiries, found the state expressly registered well-known enterprise domain name is illegal. He rushed to Dazhou overnight, the organizers have been evacuated.

the next day, Fang Jianbo phoned the organizers to request a refund, the other to find all kinds of reasons prevarication. Because he has not been able to find the organizers, he yesterday to the newspaper for help. Yesterday morning, the reporter went to the scene, painstakingly contacted the company responsible person zhang.

reporter identity, Zhang agreed to meet. After negotiations, Zhang admitted that the well-known enterprises registered domain name violations, Fang Jianbo agreed to refund the 77 thousand yuan registration fee "".

this group of people in and out of the mystery of God, specifically what is not clear." A woman working on the floor, said the company in the building 3 months or so, there are more than 20 employees, all young people under the age of 20. < >

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