The original Linghai Shanda president speech community to business exposure



"focus" and "a hall" interface Linghai since February this year announced that no longer serve as president of Shanda games, no more news reports. Recently a speech community application for a growing concern, the development of "butterfly interaction" is a new venture company Linghai, confirmed that he had "will join the mobile Internet and the field of community". He received a note of the interview, to share the development of the products of the mind, and perceptions of the mobile community.


from Linghai, Shanda president, to start bickering, a voice: "to the mobile terminal BBS

if you are not familiar with this product, you can use the BBS (Forum) to understand the concept. In fact, it is really a phonetic version of the community.

The application of

in different "channels", similar to different version or discussion area; to release a "bar" as published a topic, "grab bar" can be understood as the sofa; marked by the administrator "beautiful bar", is similar to the essence. The difference is that, in addition to the bar problem requires text input, the rest of the voice from the composition, and even the user’s personal profile can also be used voice.

specific to the content, can be divided into two types: one is similar with the debate, Affirmative, according to supporters pay "DB" how many decide; a similar comic dialogue partner, a common topic. The latter forms have been bickering and the meaning of the word has nothing to do, and Linghai also said that the observation of the behavior of users is still likely to make major adjustments, according to the future.

content management, the use of the administrator + user audit mechanism. Administrator for the official editor; in addition to the leisure area outside the bar questions need to be reviewed, and the audit area only to reach a certain level to enter.

rules, the user has the influence, listening, three decibels. The degree to which the influence is heard by others determines the level of the user; the level of the degree of the user’s listening; the decibel is similar to the currency in the game. Users in the issue of the release of the bar, support the view of a party, the need to buy a gift to db.

The function of

operation, compared to the community, "a" more like a game: for example, the gift can buy at the mall, some gifts can not be used, can only be purchased by DB gold, and gold is the need to pay for the goods displayed in the user; "my package". These words, plus the previously mentioned numerical feedback, login rewards, people who play online games should be very familiar with.

in addition, there are some details, such as the button on the interface does not only show the state of play, but also the voice waveform. This point to explain the process of the team, let users listen to the not too boring, and inadvertently caused.

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