Group purchase industry merger integration will usher the era oligarchs are frequent


– this version of the Information Times reporter He Qiuyang

from the crazy expansion and integration to the hustle and bustle of the occasion, the domestic group purchase industry in a short span of two years has experienced a roller coaster of ups and downs.

last week, F group and high friend to Information Times reporter confirmed, F group and high friend has completed the reorganization, the original F group CEO lin ning as the new company Wangluo CEO.


, group purchase industry integration are frequent: meituan and Juhuasuan cooperation, handle network hand Jingdong mall, Wo Wo Group alliance, coupled with F group and high friend cooperation, industry veteran said that the combination of group purchase website has become represent the general trend era truly arrived, shuffle, after several rounds of shuffling, group purchase industry will present a situation of tripartite confrontation "oligarch" situation.

The merger and reorganization of

F group and high friend

industry concern for several months between the F group and the group purchase case Gaopeng restructuring was finally completed in the legal level.

August 1st, F group and high friend confirmed in an interview with the Information Times reporter: F group and Gaopeng has completed the merger and reorganization, the original F group CEO lin ning as the new company Wangluo CEO.

, an insider told the Information Times reporter, the new company after the merger of the shareholding ratio of more than 30% Tencent, accounting for slightly more than 10% friends, Yunfeng fund accounted for more than a few friends, the management is not holding, F Group Management Holdings, but the specific proportion of the unknown.

for the new company after the establishment of the primary task, the world’s CEO lin ning said: the future of the entire company will have been focused in the field of O2O to do the local life e-commerce business."

as F group, have a common investor behind Gaopeng Tencent, therefore, the merger in the industry view, the Tencent is truly behind, but the F group has denied. The reason for the merger of F group and high friend net, Tencent electric holding company CEO Wu Xiaoguang in a media interview stressed: "the new company is to combine the F and Gaopeng both advantages and better service Chinese group purchase market consumers."

for the merger and reorganization of the prospect of Chinese e-commerce research center analyst Wu Xuefei believes that the localization of F group and high friend net users and businesses of different resources, can play a complementary effect, the business model is expected to play a 1+1> effect; 2.

buy into the second round of the playoffs

all segments of the Internet industry applications, it seems that can not escape a traditional law, that is, to adhere to the final and profitable website, not more than three. Portals, video sites, social networking sites are so.

now, whether it is the United States Mission Network and Juhuasuan cooperation, >

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